Upcoming Events!

Here is our tentative schedule for upcoming Steam Ups and Events. For additional questions feel free to email us!

Registration for the Spring Steamup April 25-28 is now open!

Click Here to Register!

Upcoming Dates for Staver’s Live Steamers and RCGRS Just Run Trains:

  • For Questions about our Live Steamers Schedule please email staverschedule@gmail.com
  • Official times for Steamup Days are 10am until 3pm, but we often start earlier and finish later
  • For questions about the Rose City GRS Just Run Trains (battery electric) days please email jmzweerts@gmail.com
  • The RCGRS JRT hours are usually 10am to 4pm

  • Admission

    • There is no charge for attending our regular twice monthly steamups.
    • However, please bring your own supplies of water, fuel and steam oil.


    • Sun. Dec.31st to Tue. Jan.2nd
    • A 3-day Mainline Only Steamup to welcome in the New Year

    JANUARY 2024

    • Sat. Jan. 6th
    • Wed. Jan. 17th CANCELED

    FEBRUARY 2024

    • Sun. Feb. 4th
    • Wed. Feb. 21st

    MARCH 2024

    • Sat. Mar. 2nd
    • Wed. Mar. 20th

    APRIL 2024

    • Sat. Apr. 6th. Just Run Trains (JRT)
    • Sun. Apr. 7th.
    • Wed. Apr. 17th. A NON_RUNNING DAY to prepare for the Spring Steamup Help appreciated!!
    • Thu. Apr. 25th thru Sun. Apr. 28th **SPRING STEAMUP**

    MAY 2024

    • Sat. May 4th.
    • Sun. May 5th. JRT
    • Wed. May 15th

    JUNE 2024

    • Sat. Jun. 1st. JRT
    • Sun. Jun. 2nd.
    • Wed. Jun. 19th

    JULY 2024

    • Sat. Jul. 6th.
    • Sun. Jul. 7th. JRT
    • Wed. Jul. 17th

    AUGUST 2024

    • Sat. Aug. 3rd JRT
    • Sun. Aug. 4th.
    • Wed. Aug. 21st

    SEPTEMBER 2024

    • Wed. Sep. 18th

    OCTOBER 2024

    • Sat. Oct. 5th. JRT
    • Sun. Oct. 6th.
    • Wed. Oct. 16th

    NOVEMBER 2024

    • Sat. Nov. 2nd.
    • Wed. Nov. 20th

    DECEMBER 2024

    • Sun. Dec. 1st.
    • Wed. Dec. 18th

    Our space

    Staver Locomotive, located in a restored historic building in the heart of Portland’s NW industrial area, is home to a growing ecosystem of 1:32 scale model trains, buildings, and environments. Staver’s is also home to a machine shop with a collection of 3D printers, CNC machines, lathes, and all the other equipment we use to cut, carve, machine, and mill our growing community of models.

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