Upcoming Events!

Here is our tentative schedule for upcoming Steam Ups and Events. For additional questions feel free to email us!

Upcoming Dates for Staver’s Live Steamers and RCGRS Just Run Trains:

  • For Questions about our Live Steamers Schedule please email staverschedule@gmail.com
  • Official times for Steamup Days are 10am until 3pm, but we often start earlier and finish later
  • For questions about the Rose City GRS Just Run Trains (battery electric) days please email jmzweerts@gmail.com
  • The RCGRS JRT hours are usually 10am to 4pm

  • Admission

    • There is no charge for attending our regular twice monthly steamups.
    • However, please bring your own supplies of water, fuel and steam oil.

    SEPTEMBER 2023

    • Sat. Sep. 2nd.
    • Sun. Sep. 3rd. JRT
    • Wed. Sep. 20th.
    • Sat. Sep. 30th. JRT with a Halloween theme

    OCTOBER 2023

    • Sun. Oct. 1st.
    • Sat. Oct 7th to Monday Oct. 9th MAINLINE ONLY steamup.
    • Wed. Oct. 18th.
    • Sat. Oct.28th Turtle Day 8.30 – 5pm Contact Mike Darrig: mikeglide@yahoo.com

    NOVEMBER 2023

    • Sat. Nov. 4th.
    • Sun. Nov. 5th. JRT
    • Wed. Nov. 15th.

    DECEMBER 2023

    • Sat. Dec. 2nd. JRT with a Christmas theme
    • Sun. Dec. 3rd.
    • Wed. Dec. 20th.

    JANUARY 2024

    • Sat. Jan. 6th
    • Wed. Jan. 17th

    FEBRUARY 2024

    • Sun. Feb. 4th
    • Wed. Feb. 21st

    MARCH 2024

    • Sat. Mar. 2nd
    • Wed. Mar. 20th

    APRIL 2024

    • Sun. Apr. 7th.
    • Wed. Apr. 17th.
    • Thu. Apr. 25th thru Sun. Apr. 28th **SPRING STEAMUP**

    MAY 2024

    • Sat. May 4th.
    • Wed. May 15th

    JUNE 2024

    • Sun. Jun. 2nd.
    • Wed. Jun. 19th

    JULY 2024

    • Sat. Jun. 6th.
    • Wed. Jun. 17th

    AUGUST 2024

    • Sun. Aug. 4th.
    • Wed. Aug. 21st

    SEPTEMBER 2024

    • Wed. Sep. 18th

    OCTOBER 2024

    • Sun. Oct. 6th.
    • Wed. Oct. 16th

    NOVEMBER 2024

    • Sat. Nov. 2nd.
    • Wed. Nov. 20th

    DECEMBER 2024

    • Sun. Dec. 1st.
    • Wed. Dec. 18th

    Our space

    Staver Locomotive, located in a restored historic building in the heart of Portland’s NW industrial area, is home to a growing ecosystem of 1:32 scale model trains, buildings, and environments. Staver’s is also home to a machine shop with a collection of 3D printers, CNC machines, lathes, and all the other equipment we use to cut, carve, machine, and mill our growing community of models.

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